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The future has arrived, and our array of smart home solutions provides the streamlined home management and user-friendly integration that every modern home deserves. Imagine viewing the front door camera, adjusting the thermostat, or activating the home alarm with the touch of a button on your smartphone. Upgrading your home with reliable connectivity, additional security, and the limitless quality of life benefits is all possible with our suite of smart home installation services at Amplify. 

Unlike other smart home installation companies that provide cookie-cutter integration packages, our smart home solutions revolve around home-specific customization. If you want to upgrade to a smart thermostat for optimal home comfort, we can easily connect you with standalone upgrades for gradual smart integration. If you’re after a comprehensive lineup of smart home products to unite every futuristic component of your home, our immersive installations and flexible integration options coordinate with the fundamentals of your daily routine.

Professional Smart Home Installation in Philadelphia

  • Smart Security Solutions: Receive open door/garage notifications on your phone, arm/disarm the alarm from your connected devices, or monitor the front door from your office in town. Our doorway cameras, advanced alarm installations, exterior security lights, and smart door locks are only a few of our best security solutions to consider.
  • Smart Comfort Features: A smart speaker system, thermostat, and automated lighting installations improve the quality of everyday life at home. We can install an easy-to-use smart console to control all of your devices from one centralized location or integrate each of the systems with your mobile devices for improved at-home management like never before. Dim the lights for dinner, turn on the exterior lights before the guests arrive, or come home to a perfectly cooled home after a trip to the gym.
  • & Other Customized Smart Upgrades: As seasoned electricians that have a mastery of all modern electrical systems, there’s no niche smart upgrade beyond the scope of our abilities. We can easily interconnect systems that are seemingly impossible to unite and go above and beyond with every service to provide you with the exact smart benefits you need at home.

Equally as important as the performance of the smart components is the quality of the underlying electrical work. To ensure safe electricals and quality-controlled upgrades are the standards, our smart home installation services are only handled by licensed, insured, and bonded electricians with 15+ years of experience. Whether we’re integrating the latest smart tech into your home, or you simply need us for an affordable ceiling fan repair in Philadelphia, safer wiring, tidy installations, and built-to-last performance are our dedication.

While there are plenty of kits and devices that claim to be part of a smart home system, however, a true smart home needs to have everything integrated into a single system. Having multiple apps from several different companies on your phone to control your lighting, HVAC system, and other electronics doesn’t make having a smart home particularly appealing or convenient.

The solution is a one-time, smart home installation service. With one visit, our technicians can come to your home and install everything you need into one easy-to-use system that is controlled by a single app on your phone or other smart devices.

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With every advanced smart home product installed, our goal is to enhance your comfort and add value to your home in Philadelphia, PA. Our quality products feature user-friendly ease of operation, and we align every home solution around the mode of operation that’s most practical for you. 

To learn more about our smart home installations in Philadelphia, contact our professionals for free guidance and discover the many ways we can bring out the best in your home!