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Outlet Installation Services in Philadelphia

Whether you’re getting new appliances or remodeling the entire home in Philadelphia, you may need to repair or install indoor or outdoor electrical outlets and switches. Electrical outlets of today provide safe, reliable, flexible power delivery — and with our electrical outlet installation at the helm, you can rest assured your home will be equipped with the receptacles you and yours can rely on for years to come.

We proudly offer the best light switch — including dimmer switch — and electrical outlet installation throughout the following communities in southeastern Pennsylvania:

USB Outlet Installation

An increasingly popular service we offer in Philadelphia is USB outlet installation. This type of project involves installing an outlet with USB ports into an existing outlet or putting a new electrical outlet somewhere it’s needed. With so many devices requiring USB chargers nowadays, it only makes sense to have these outlets around! With USB outlet installation, you won’t have to search for a power adapter every time you need to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices.

USB outlet installation reduces clutter and allows you to streamline the design of any room. Since you won’t have to worry about having power adapters near when you want to charge up, USB outlet installation saves you a good deal of hassle, as well. These outlets are eco-friendly compared to traditional outlets, as the socket knows just how much power is required to charge a particular device. A USB outlet won’t use any power unless a device is plugged in.

Light & Dimmer Switch Installation

Whether your light switches are looking worse for wear or are hardly working anymore, depends on our light switch installation services in Philadelphia. We install your new switches quickly and safely, while proactively identifying if any other potential issues need to be addressed. Our light switch installation services include replacing your switches with the same kind or upgrading your switches to help you customize your lighting controls for your home. We can connect you with multiway switching, conveniently placed outlet installations, and other useful features to improve switch accessibility, performance, and beyond.

Our installation experts know dimmer switches aren’t exclusive to the dining room chandelier anymore. Today, dimmers are ideal for every room in the house! Most switches you encounter are traditional single-pole switches that have two settings: on and off. With these, power is only allowed to flow to the fixture at full capacity or not at all. Our dimmer switch installation services give you complete control over the amount of light in any space, thus reducing energy costs.

Pair your new multi-purpose dimmer switches with any of our other impactful lighting solutions to achieve the ideal ambiance and interior convenience. For example, you can pair our USB outlet installations with our latest dimmer designs for the perfect blend of modernity and in-home utility. However we can highlight the best of your home’s energy capabilities with better switches and additional functionality, our adaptable electricians in Philadelphia are here to make it happen.

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We offer the best electrical outlet installation throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, including Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. For more information about our USB electrical outlets, matching outlet installations, or energy-efficient light switch installations that protect your budget, reach out to our helpful team in Philadelphia today!