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Residential & Commercial Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

If your yard, lawn, or outdoor living space feels like it’s missing something, the answer may be mood-enhancing lighting! Residential landscape lighting can illuminate a beautiful tree or highlight your garden, and commercial landscape lighting can express your brand’s personality and showcase your company’s commitment to professionalism. Not to mention that the right landscape lighting design can add extra security to your property.

Our expert electricians provide the best residential and commercial outdoor and landscape lighting installation services at affordable prices to customers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, including:

If you’re ready to reinvent your property, we’re prepared to help with our professional and customizable residential and commercial outdoor lighting installations.

Residential and Commercial Landscape Lighting Design Services

Commercial and residential landscape lighting serves many purposes: it accentuates the beauty of your property, adds an extra layer of safety, and deters thieves and vandals. Our team of service technicians can help you achieve your goals for a well-lit and pleasing space with our outdoor landscape lighting design services for homes and businesses.

When you partner with us for your residential and commercial landscape lighting project, you’ll feel confident knowing that we are a highly knowledgeable and experienced team. We will work tirelessly to ensure your landscaping not only looks fantastic and feels right but is also energy efficient and lasts for years to come. With our prompt service and quality workmanship, we’ll bring your landscaping to life.

Not sure where to start with your outdoor lighting? We have you covered! Our electricians are highly skilled in landscape lighting design and can work with you to develop the best way to illuminate your property.

Outdoor Lighting Services

Proper outdoor lighting can ensure pathways and seating areas are safe while also adding personality to the property. Homeowners and business owners turn to us when they want to boost their property’s value and help their guests and customers feel comfortable and welcomed.

Our outdoor lighting solutions and services include:

In addition to helping with your outdoor landscape lighting, we can also assist with pool lighting, deck lighting, and security lighting. Whatever your outdoor lighting needs, we’ll meet them!

Whether you want to brighten walkways around your home or create a certain ambiance in your backyard with deck patio lights, we can help you achieve your unique vision. Depending on your lighting goals, you may find that one outdoor lighting fixture meets your needs more than another. Homeowners often choose the following outdoor lighting fixtures around their property:

  • Path lighting: These lights are used to illuminate sidewalks and pathways to minimize tripping hazards.
  • Uplighting: These lighting fixtures can highlight specific landscape and hardscape features.
  • Downlighting: This type of lighting is installed on or around your home at high points to brighten your property for added security and to highlight the elegance of your home.
  • LED lighting: These lights are more energy-efficient and provide dependable lighting.


We can help with all your residential outdoor lighting installations. If you’re not sure which fixture you need to achieve your illumination goals, don’t worry! Our team can make recommendations and help you choose the fixtures that are perfect for you.

Businesses rely on strategically placed lights throughout their premises to improve visibility, safety, and security. If you need better lighting on your property to reduce chances of accidents and criminal activity, call on our professional electricians. With our commercial outdoor lighting installation services, we can outfit your business with any of the following lighting solutions:

  • LED lighting
  • Outdoor landscape lighting
  • Safety lights
  • Spot lights
  • Motion sensor lights and controls
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • And more!


No matter your lighting needs, you can rely on our expert commercial outdoor lighting installations.

Indoor Lighting Installation

In addition to residential and commercial outdoor and landscape lighting installation, we offer indoor lighting installation solutions, including:

With expert residential indoor lighting installation, you can completely revamp your kitchen, living areas, and more with energy-efficient, aesthetically-pleasing solutions that don’t just increase visibility, but work to create a mood everyone will enjoy. Need a new ceiling fan light? Want to put recessed lighting under your kitchen cabinets? Whatever your desire, we’re your go-to contractor!

Looking for indoor lighting installation for your commercial property? We’ve got you covered! You can trust us to outfit your office or facility with lighting that will ensure safety, promote productivity, and deliver on reliability.

Light Up Your Property with Amplify Electrical Solutions

When you need to illuminate your property or outdoor living space, call on Amplify! Whether you need help with residential outdoor or indoor lighting installations or commercial landscape lighting design, we have the ideal solution for you.

For more information about our affordable residential landscape lighting solutions or commercial outdoor lighting installation services, reach out to us today!