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Power Generator Installation in Philadelphia

Everyone hates it when their power goes out: food spoils, your HVAC system ceases to function, and the internet goes out. Now, they’re stuck in misery and have no way of distracting themselves from that fact. That’s where a power generator for the home comes in! Our whole-house standby generators in Philadelphia can protect your home and family against functionality loss and safety issues during power outages. 

Our expert electricians provide the best and most affordable whole house power generator installation services to customers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, including:

  • Bucks County
  • Delaware County
  • Chester County
  • Montgomery County
  • Philadelphia County


Power generator installations and repairs are not to be handled by just anyone. The installation process requires a specific model selection that will adequately support your family’s ongoing power needs. If you already have a generator installed, our well-equipped team is prepared to manage repairs for both older models as well as the latest systems on the market. Many generator repairs require extensive troubleshooting, and our seasoned technicians prioritize careful analysis, repair, and replace with durability in mind, and double-check every repair for seamless functionality for backup power you can rely on. 

Before integrating a new system into your home, our broad selection of generator models allows you to customize the appropriate amount of backup power. For example, our most cost-effective and compact generator installations provide a reliable backup supply to refrigerators, primary lights, or alarm systems. Or, we can incorporate higher-capacity systems that provide ample power for every demanding gadget, HVAC system, and other essential electricals like garage doors and sprinkler systems. However much power you need, our Philadelphia team is highly equipped to assess your electrical needs, select the right power generator, and install the unit with the proper wiring and transfer switch.

Benefits of Whole House Power Generator Installation

Don’t rue the days of power outages any longer with the dependability that a power generator for the home provides. A standby generator can keep your major appliances running, safety features intact, and devices charged. Paired with our 24/7 generator repair services, we’re here to protect you and your home from all of life’s unexpected electrical issues.

Many homeowners in Philadelphia are choosing our whole house power generator installation services because they provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced safety and security: Backup generators keep your lights on, preventing trips, falls, and other accidents. It also powers your home security system, so you can have peace of mind knowing your family is safe in the face of storms or natural disasters.
  • Convenience: Whole home generators turn on automatically whenever the power goes out, unlike portable generators. This means you will not have to search for the unit in the middle of the night or during a bad storm to turn it on.
  • Better efficiency: Portable generators are not as popular an option among homeowners who want to power their entire homes because these systems have to be refilled with gas every few hours. Whole house standby generators, on the other hand, can supply power as long as they are connected to your home’s gas line.
  • Fewer costly problems: When the power goes out, homeowners are often left with spoiled food, frozen pipes, and other expensive repair situations. Plan for the unexpected in Philadelphia and schedule a whole house generator installation. Save money when a power outage occurs, and prevent serious issues like frozen pipes and other avoidable home risks with an affordable generator installation protecting your bottom line.

24/7 Emergency Generator Repair in Philadelphia

When you’ve invested in a standby power generator for your home in Philadelphia, you expect it to kick in any time there’s a power outage. So, when something goes wrong with your backup power, you’re left feeling frustrated. Fortunately, we provide speedy emergency 24/7 power generator services to get the unit up and running again.

Our certified electricians will come to your home, diagnose the problem, and provide cost-effective generator repair, no matter the time of day or week. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll have the power you need during an emergency.

What Is a Transfer Switch, and Why Do Generators Need It?

The transfer switch is a small accessory used alongside the power generator. The generator is plugged into the transfer switch, which is located on the electrical panel installation in Philadelphia. When your home loses power, and the generator turns on, the transfer switch changes the draw of electricity from grid power to the generator. This helps prevent back feeding, which can damage the generator, cause fires, and electrocute contractors working on the power lines.

To ensure your home power generator is set up correctly and safely, leave the whole house power generator installation process to our professionals in Philadelphia. Our licensed electricians can accurately install the backup generator and transfer switch according to local building code requirements. Long after the upgrade is complete, we protect every installation with our all-inclusive generator repair services for a reliable supply of backup power always at the ready.

Power Your Home with Generator Services Today

If you want to ensure your power generator for the home withstands any situation, rely on Amplify Electrical Solutions for the best standby generator installations and repairs. Our generator installations are backed by transparent pricing, more options to choose from, and flexible installations organized around your schedule. 

For more information about our affordable whole house power generator installation and repair services, contact our knowledgeable electricians in Philadelphia to speak with one of our specialists today!