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Parking Lot & Outdoor Lighting Services in Philadelphia

As a business owner or facility manager in Philadelphia, you have to consider all the touchpoints customers have with your company to ensure they have a great experience all around. Since your facility’s exterior and parking lot are the first and last thing customers see, you must pay particular attention to these areas, especially when it comes to lighting.

Parking lot and exterior lighting play a crucial role in your customers’ sense of safety and security while shopping, eating, or meeting at your establishment. For this reason, when you require a parking lot or exterior lighting installation, you need to partner with an electrical company that specializes in commercial lighting and understands how to optimize safety features. 

Our parking lot light installations involve direct collaboration with your leadership team to define a lighting plan that accounts for a variety of unique visibility considerations. We can help you incorporate beautiful accent lighting into the scenery, promote enhanced nighttime visibility near stairways and entryways, and prevent parking lot slips and falls with a functional lighting layout that adds value to every exterior. 

Our expert electricians provide the best and most affordable parking lot lighting repairs and exterior lighting maintenance to businesses throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, including:

Whatever your commercial lighting needs, our team will connect you with the right outdoor lighting installations to enhance your property and ensure that your customers feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed.

Parking Lot Lighting Installation & Repair

As much as they may wish their customers’ last impression of their business is the friendly service they received, business owners in Philadelphia often forget that the customer’s first and last impression is the parking lot. If the parking lot is not well maintained or enhanced with a quality lighting installation, customers may be hesitant to come back to the establishment. Especially relevant if your organization operates late into the night or early in the morning, our outdoor lighting installations are the easiest way to promote a professional and secure client experience. 

Make sure your parking lot is bright, safe, and welcoming by partnering with our commercial electrical contractors for sound parking lot lighting installations and repairs.

The right parking lot lighting installations can significantly boost the value of your commercial property in Philadelphia. When you partner with our electricians to manage a thoughtfully incorporated parking lot lighting installation, you can expect to reap these benefits:

  • Fewer accidents: While driving around your parking lot at night, drivers and pedestrians will be able to see each other better with the proper lighting. This means there will be fewer incidents where drivers hit each other or pedestrians.
  • More visibility: Curbs, stairs, parking blocks, and other obstructions are easier to see and avoid tripping over when the parking lot is flooded with plenty of light. Customers and employees can feel safe trekking across the property.
  • Fewer crimes: A brightly lit parking lot is a huge deterrent to people wanting to steal from or harm your customers and employees. Maintaining the lighting in your parking lot can show people that you value their safety.

Your property is only as safe as the condition of your exterior lighting. If your parking lot is dim or has dark spots, your business is at great risk of criminal activity. We ensure that your parking lot lighting installation is properly illuminated, and support your energy-efficient brightness with timely maintenance and repairs the moment the lights begin to dim. 

How do you know if you need parking lot lighting repairs? Get in touch with local commercial electricians in Philadelphia as soon as possible if you notice any of these issues with your parking lot lights:

  • Burnt-out parking lot lights: If one or two of your lights are burnt out, this could be creating dark spots where potential hazards can reside. Make sure you have these light bulbs replaced right away. It may also be a good time to replace the rest of the bulbs in the parking lot.
  • Increasing energy bills: If you’ve noticed it costs more to light your business’s parking lot than it was initially, this may mean the lightbulbs are old and losing their efficiency. Our team can replace the old lighting with more energy-efficient lights.
  • More criminal activity: People looking to harm are attracted to dark spaces, so if you’ve noticed crime rates rise in your area, it may be time to have your lights attended to by commercial electricians.
  • Cars hit your parking lot light poles: It may seem obvious, but if a vehicle runs into one of the light poles on your property, you should call for assistance. Our professional electricians can safely repair the light pole and get it back in service.

Commercial Exterior Lighting Installation & Maintenance

In addition to parking lot lighting, our team of service technicians can also perform a variety of exterior lighting maintenance and custom lighting installations. Our team is equipped with aerial ladder trucks that allow us to easily and safely work on commercial exterior lighting systems. From LED installations to fixture replacements, we are ready to provide the lighting solution that will conserve energy and save you money every time you flip the switch in Philadelphia.

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Your customers and employees deserve to feel safe anywhere on your property, including the parking lot or patio. Our team at Amplify Electrical Solutions can ensure your property is well-lit with our professional parking lot lighting installations and timely exterior lighting maintenance.

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