Swimming Pool Electrical Service in Philadelphia

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Easily beat the heat this summer and overcome the winter chill with a well-maintained hot tub and properly wired pool! Pool electrical systems are complex, and without professional guidance in managing the intricate systems operating behind the scenes, common issues like uncomfortable temperatures, dirty water, and chemical imbalances are all too common. Whether you’re installing a new pool or have an unexpected issue with the water pump or heater, our knowledge pool repair team is here to prevent and resolve electrical issues with your safety and budget in mind. 

We work hard to prevent common poolside setbacks with careful diagnosis, professional-grade components, and over 15 years of experience providing safer pool repairs. Our certified technicians will protect your family from common electrical hazards and offer a variety of advanced systems for pool repairs and upgrades that lead to extended component lifespan. 

Our swimming pool repair experts provide free project quotes, openly discuss the best solutions for your situation, and guarantee the flawless functionality of your essential pool systems. Whether we provide an affordable system installation, routine maintenance, or quickly repair your pumps, heaters, lighting, or filter systems, you can expect:

When pool safety, consistent performance, and longer-lasting component life are the priority, you can count on our licensed and insured professionals every time. When we say every time, we mean it; our pool repair electricians provide 24/7/365 emergency assistance for any dangerous electrical hazards that require prompt and professional assistance. 

Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Repair in Philadelphia

While a broken water heater or damaged hot tub light may not seem like an urgent issue, any electrical components that are malfunctioning pose a risk of electrical shock or can lead to costlier replacements down the line. Water and electricity don’t mix, and our Philadelphia pool electricians work fast to contain the issue, prevent avoidable shocking hazards, and double-check every careful repair and replacement for safety and performance before leaving the project.

Common Problems Our Pool Electricians Fix:

  • Pump issues
  • Lighting issues
  • Circuit breaker or panel issues
  • & More


Even if the swimming pool repair or hot tub repair isn’t an emergency, your pool and hot tub area are there to enjoy! Our cost-effective solutions will restore the quality of your relaxing amenities, and with every service in Philadelphia, we’ll also check the rest of your system just to be on the safe side. If we notice anything, we prevent minor problems from progressing and strive to protect you from avoidable and unexpected future expenses. Keep our pool electricians on speed dial, and allow our experts to provide the proper maintenance and repairs your pool and hot tub deserve!

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Get in touch with our accessible team if you have any questions or need responsive swimming pool repair today. Every service in Philadelphia is backed by our transparent pricing, helpful education, and ongoing support long after the installation or repair is complete. 

Looking for other assistance beyond the basic pool systems? We can also help with unique poolside electrical needs outside of your typical electrician services. For example, if you would like to have your outdoor sound system and lighting integrated for enhanced poolside enjoyment, there’s no innovative electrical upgrade beyond the scope of our adaptable electricians in Philadelphia.